Mercury Atlas Part 3

Transition and adapter leading up to the capsule.

I used a BNC-60AK from Semroc, same cone as the Estes K-41 Mercury Redstone. I sanded the Redstone adapter ring off to make it match up to the Atlas. The paper capsule wrap in the picture is just a mock-up.

I used 1/12 dowels and toothpicks. I went for strong, not scale. I’m very pleased with the results.

Escape motor motor dry fitted to the tower in the picture. Rather than just glue the aero spike to the top of the escape motor, for attachment strength the dowel for the aero spike runs trough the escape motor and is the core for the jettison motor.

Constructed the 3 escape nozzles. I used the same patterns and techniques used in the Estes K-41 plans. I then soaked the paper cones with thin CA.

Finalized construction on the tower and escape motor.

Tower painted and glued onto the capsule.

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