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This is where I will share my experiences in model rocketry, what I am currently doing, and future plans.  Along with an occasional old memory or two. While predominantly low and mid power Model Rocketry, there may be an occasional sprinkling of Astronomy and Astrophotography found here.

I don’t remember exactly when, or what my first rocket was, but it was around 1970’ish. Pretty sure it was my brother Bob, who is 13 years my senior, that bought me my first rocket. He was building and launching rockets in the ’60s. I was very active in the ’70s and early ’80s launching rockets on our farm in the field behind our house, usually with my best friend Bruce. I built Estes, Centuri and my own designs, Centuri was my favorite. And who knew all those years we pronounced Centuri (Cen-tour-ree) wrong! In the early ’90s I moved away from where I grew up, in the coming decade my interest in rockets faded, and my rockets that were in storage at my parents house were lost. Then in the early 2000s I became interested again, a Born Again Rocketeer, otherwise known as a BAR. Since then it’s been off and on, but mostly on. And I’ve collected far more kits than I have time to build.

Astronomy and Astrophotography

I first became interested many years ago, when I looked up at the endless starry night skies as a child. Since then I have spent many hours looking up at the stars dreaming and learning with every look. Ever taken a picture of the moon with a point and shoot camera and been totally disappointed with the tiny dot of light? You are not alone. Astrophotography takes plenty of planning, patience, and persistence. It doesn’t always take special equipment, but it does require the right equipment for the subject. Constant obstacles, from bad weather and bad timing to equipment failures, at times make it a very frustrating hobby. But in the end, when everything goes right it is most rewarding.

Taken November 2006
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