BSG 1.6x Colonial Viper

I still have a little more to do. This is about a 1.6X upscale of the Estes Colonial Viper. Main tubes are BT-60. I offset the 24mm motor mount, I remember the the original I had as a kid tended to arch over and my research supports that memory, so hoping this offsets that some.

2 thoughts on “BSG 1.6x Colonial Viper

  1. Just came across your site while searching for any information on ESTES Viper. Your Viper is just what I was looking for. Really a great-looking Viper. You did a nice and clean build.
    I’m going to use your engine placement with the offset placement. Thanks for the idea.
    If you don’t mind me asking what are the lengths of all the BT-60 tubes? The reason I ask is that your Viper looks proportioned so well. Most Viper I have seen the tube with the nose cone in it always looks so long. Your looks just right. One last question. How much nose weight did you use?
    Thanks. I have booked marked your site. I hope you keep up this site.
    Thanks again.

    1. Sorry for the long delay in responding.

      Main tube is a BT-60 and is 15 and 15/16 inches long.
      3 short tubes are BT-60 and are 6 and 5/8 inches long

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