Well, I had good intentions keeping this blog going. I’m going to give it a try again. I’m still active in NAR and my local club.

Our club launch got canceled today due to rain. 🙁

Ordered 3 new rockets this weekend from AC SUpply.

  • Nasa SLS – Estes 2206
  • Antar – Estes 7310
  • Super Orbital Transport – Estes 7314

The SLS is a ready to fly. I really wish Estes would make a 1:100 scale builders kit for this rocket. Hoping it gets here before our club launch next Sunday. Maybe I can beat Nasa launching an SLS.

Antar is a pretty cool looking design, can’t wait to build it and launch it.

I love the Orbital Transport. I have an original I fly sometimes at our launches. This should make a great addition to my fleet, can’t wait to build and launch it as well.

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