Mid to Low-End High Power Launch Pad

This is a launch pad I built for myself to launch larger rockets with. It can accommodate both 1/4″ launch rod and a 10-10 launch rail. My 1/4 rod is stainless and 6 feet and the launch rail if 8 feet. The pad is built using the Rockwell JawStand. With a very minor changes to the JawStand by removing a couple plastic rails, I mounted a 1/4 aluminum plate to the JawStand and everything else is mounted to that. If I wanted, the JawStand can be reverted back factory. The blast deflectors are stainless as well as the hardware. This thing is really sturdy and the launch rail/rod can tilt down to facilitate loading a rocket onto the pad. And the legs can be staked to the ground. All in all this makes for a very sturdy launch pad. A club member launched an H from it no problem.

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